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Newsletter – 1st School Day of 2014-2015

posted Sep 4, 2014, 7:40 AM by Canton Mich

Welcome Back, Everyone!


1.      First day of school:

We have first School Day this Friday, September 5, 2014, 6:30pm

Location: Plymouth Christian Academy (43065 Joy Rd, Canton, MI 48187)

All principals are on duty;


2.      Book sales:

Please buy books directly from your children’s teacher in class during the 1st school day. While please note that once you open the book package, you cannot return or exchange, especially for Ma Liping books. You are free to change/return books if the books are as new. The price of books is

·         Ma Liping: $50/set;

·         JiDa: $10/set;


3.      Gym availability: The main gym will be available to you at 8pm. The small gym will be available the entire evening.


4.      The Parent Vocal Class invites all music lovers to join our class.  You can enjoy singing and make friends while your children are in their Chinese classes. Our teacher, Ma Shuping马舒平 is a well-known professional singer in the Metro Detroit area. She has been teaching vocal classes and private students for many years. We learn a lot and have fun in the class. You are welcome to a try out section.

Time:     6:45-8:45 pm on all Chinese school days. 

Place:    Music class room behind the gym.


5.      PCCLC has the following culture class at 8:30-9:20pm every Friday. We encourage you sending your child (ren) to join our culture classes.

·         Math Count;

·         SAT;

·         Reading

·         Writing;

·         Drawing;


6.      Registration:

a.       Pre-registration: For those parents whose already registered and paid the tuition, you just need bring your child/children to the classroom.

                                                  i.      In case your child need change class, please do let teacher and Chuanbing Rong or Jaimin Bai know.

                                                ii.      In case you did not pre-register culture classes, please register and pay in the 1st or 2nd school weeks.

b.      On-site registration: Please note that the on-site registration is $360/kid for language class. The culture class tuition fee is $180/$120 depending on which class you choose. You can find the registration form in front desk.

c.       Online registration: We do not have online registration this year due to the website maintenance. We are planning to add online registration next year. Sorry for the inconvenience.


7.      Email group & newsletter:

We use google group to distribute school emails and newsletter. If you are not in the list, please let us know your email address so that we can add you into the list. If you already tell us your email address and still did not receive any email from us, please check your spam folder.



8.       2014-2015 School Calendar (updated)

Sept. 5, 12, 19, 26

Oct. 10, 17, 24, 31

Nov. 14

Dec. 5, 12, 19

Jan 9, 16, 23, 30

Feb. 13, 14 (Chinese New Year Party), 27

Mar. 6, 13, 20, 27

April 17, 24

May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

June 5, 12






Plymouth-Canton Chinese Learning Center (PCCLC)


凯通中文学校建于1996年,是一所非政治、非盈利性的文化组织。学校以教授中文, 弘扬中华文化和服务社区为宗旨。我校任课老师均受过高等教育, 中文基础扎实, 文化素养深厚。他们大部分在国内就一直从事教育工作, 有的也在其他兄弟中文学校任教,拥有丰富的双语教学经验。我校采用马立平和暨大两套中文教材分班授课,以便家长和同学根据自己情况­­­选择。学校的课程设置涵盖了学前班到高级中文的完整中文课程,以满足不同年龄、不同程度同学的需求。我校同时开设各类文化和艺术课程,方便同学在中文学习之余培养其他兴趣爱好。此外,学校也家长安排了丰富的文体活动,在忙碌一周后给家长提供一个交流的空间。为了维护周末的完整性,凯通中文学于每周五晚上授课,这一传统已持续了十八个年头,深受大部分家长和同学的认可。 学校租用的Plymouth Christian Academy场地具有良好教学设施,拥有两个室内标准篮球场和一个综合馆可供家长和孩子们使用,专门设置家长休息室,并配备WiFi。授课时间只有凯通中文学校使用所有教室,有利管理和确保安全。


新的学年将于九月五号开始,校委会和理事会为此做了许多细致的准备工作,并且制定了具体的管理制度和手段。凯通中文学校将在新的学年里以新的面貌展现给广大同学和家长。校委会和理事会欢迎家长加入,共同参与学校的日常管理,并接收高中生志愿者服务。学校即日开始接受新学年的报名,入学表格请致电pcclc.newsletter@gmail.com索取或上网 点击‘Registration Form’下载。822号前报名者享受提前注册优惠,报名方式请见入学表格,欢迎家长和同学积极报名!


中文课  6:30pm-8:20pm学前班、快乐学中文(双语班)、 1st to 7th 年级 (暨大教材)、1st to 8th 年级 (马立平教材), AP  高级中文班。